Pop-up Shops

Brand exposure, recognition and sales

Our Pop-up Shops

Grow your cause-driven brand through our pop-up shops. Dedicated to our vendors who want to accelerate their growth using physical shops we set up throughout our network of locations in South Florida and the Atlanta area on a weekly basis.

Each weekend presents amazing opportunities for our vendors to expose their brands and generate sales. Our team of professional representatives work hard to ensure your brand gets the recognition it needs to grow quickly in the marketplace. From telling your story to giving out samples and collecting feedback, we know how to drive the numbers up so you make a return on your investment.

Sales is vital for your brand to grow and thrive. We want you to win. And that starts with getting your products in front of customers. Participating in our pop-up shops does that for your brand on a consistent basis.

what is our pop-up shop?

A temporary product sales booth


Our pop-up shops are usually on Saturdays and Sundays, with some Fridays occasionally


We pop-up at specific locations during the holidays to take advantage of rising foot traffic.]

Special Events

We get invited to special events that offers the opportunity to present your brand to large audiences

Reserve a Pop-up Shop Today!

Reserving a date to participate in our pop-up shop is simple. Click the reserve button below to view the available options and purchase your spot.

You must already be a member of our marketplace in order to participate in our pop-up shops. 

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